Nina Lynn

A Taste Of The Wild

About A Taste Of The Wild

After an extremely successful debut album, Nina Lynn returns with impressive new music. The first album shot straight to number 1 on the Euro Americana Chart and opened the doors to some top-notch Americana festivals. Only two years since the release of Hummingbird, there’s a new album due in March 2023.

With A Taste Of The Wild, the NinaLynn band shows remarkable versatility in their musical abilities and substantial growth from their debut record Hummingbird. A Taste Of The Wild is an Americana album by name, but it really tests the boundaries of what the genre entails. The album consists of 13 original tracks, written by Nina and some co-written with band members Janos Koolen, Lucas Beukers and Arthur Bont, and Dutch singer-songwriter Gé Reinders. Guest appearances by Fay Lovsky and Onno Kuipers (Louisiana Radio) are the cherries on top of this beautiful album. The synergy between producer and multi-instrumentalist Janos Koolen, Nina and band members has resulted in their finest work yet.

The album is not only musically a step forward from Hummingbird: substantively, but it also reaches greater depths. There are three main themes in A Taste Of The Wild: emotions in all their shapes and forms, the relationship between humans and nature, and femininity.

The album, therefore, goes beyond the clichés linking the word ‘wild’ only to nature. The album tells a story from beginning to end: the way the music coalesces sound with substance is a true experience.

SCR-88 – A Taste Of The Wild (CD) – OUT NOW
SCR-89 – A Taste Of The Wild (Vinyl) – available July 2023

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