Kieran Halpin & Chris Jones

Live in Holland Parts I & II

During this era Kieran Halpin (1955 – 2020), was one of the most respected and inspiring Irish singer-songwriters to be touring Europe on a regular base. Often supported by his friend and guitar wizzard, a Reno, Nevada native, but based in Germany, Chris Jones (1958 – 2005). These recordings of this magic duo had been on the shelf since 1997 when the club owner started asking about what ever happened to the recordings of that night in his Trouble Tree Folk Club in Koudekerk in 1997. He suggested to have a listen to the digital tapes, he remembered this particular concert back then was outstanding. Now, after some 27 years it feels like the right thing to do to let their still impressive fanbase relive some of Kieran and Chris’ Glory Dayz.

Kieran Halpin & Chris Jones
Live in Holland Parts I & II

SM-412 Live in Holland part I
01. Only Be Your Friend
02. Call Me Judas
03. Chase the Dragon
04. Just A Game Without You
05. Good Reason
06. On Raglan Road
07. The Second Chance
08. introduction: Closing Time in Paradise
09. Closing Time in Paradise
10. Senzenina

SM-413 Live in Holland part II
01. Lucy
02. So and So
03. Zodiac Sign
04. Glory Dayz
05. Nothing To Show For It All
06. No Turning Back
07. Mirror Town
08. The Last Thing You Needed
09. Hold On
10. The Touch of Fear
11. Angel of Paradise