Lilly of the West - Sail on the Wind, Wild Wind

Style: folk - bluegrass



Since 1995 Lilly Drumeva heads the popular Bulgarian bluegrass & country music band "Lilly of the West". She is the founder, main artist, singer- songwriter, instrumentalist, music arranger, manager and record producer of the group's nine albums to this date. She performs regularly in Bulgaria and abroad, working with leading bluegrass and country musicians around the world.
Lilly is a moving spirit in the European bluegrass and country music scene, she is a pioneer and leader in Bulgaria. Her weekly country music radio and TV shows educate and teach the public about this very authentic and unique American music. Lilly is also a publicist and country music journalist, writing for several magazines in Europe. She represents Eastern Europe in several country & bluegrass music associations. She is an advocate for country and bluegrass in Bulgaria and on the Balkans, through her concerts, workshops and recordings; she is introducing American music and culture to the people.


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